How to Re-enable VR in Alien: Isolation

Watch a step-by-step video guide to mod Alien: Isolation for VR headsets.

Did you love Alien: Isolation? Do you like screaming for mercy and hiding in dark corners like you’re really there? In virtual reality (VR)? Well then you’re in the right place, as VRFocus has put together a guide to help dive you back into the world of Alien.

If you haven’t heard already, Nibre has created a VR mod, MotherVr Alpha, to enable VR support in Alien: Isolation. Now available to download via Github, MotherVr Alpha is compatible with the Steam version of Alien: Isolation. At present, you can play the videogame on the Oculus Rift CV1 (the current consumer version) or the second edition of the Oculus Rift development kit (aka DK2), and since 26th August 2017, the latest edition of the MotherVr Alpha mod (0.3.0) also supports the HTC Vive.


The modified version of Alien: Isolation does not have any roomscale functionality at present and is designed to play seated. It requires an Xbox One controller or keyboard and mouse, though Nibre is working on Touch and Vive controller support at some point.


Follow the instructions below to enable VR in Alien: Isolation:


  1. You have to own or buy Alien: Isolation in Steam.Link here:

  2. Go to this Github link:

  3. Download

  4. Unzip the .zip MotherVR file in your Download files and extract with a program like 7-zip or winzip

  5. Copy and paste the ‘.dll’ files and paste into Alien: Isolation videogame folder

  6. Usually this is: This PC > C: Drive > Program files (x86) > Steam > Steam Apps > Common> Alien Isolation and paste ‘.dll’ files into this folder. It may be somewhere else if you have your Steam games installed in other folders.

  7. Launch Steam and add ‘steamvr’ to your launch options in steam.

  8. Play the Alien: Isolation.

You can watch the video below for a more visual guide, and VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on Alien: Isolation‘s VR compatibility.

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