Fybr Experiments With an ARKit-based app That Can Show Live Parking Info

Ever driven to a new city and struggled to find a parking space, driving round for ages ending up miles away from where you wanted to be. Well IoT company Fybr has been rolling out wireless sensors in several cities across North America to provide parking information, and now its developed an augmented reality (AR) using ARKit so users can easily locate them.

Fybr specialises in deploying smart city sensors that monitor: traffic flow, realtime sewer/storm drain levels, air quality, weather and smart street light controllers. With it’s on-street parking sensors located in cities such as Montreal, Washington DC and San Francisco – the latter of which has 12000+ devices as part of the SFPark project – users would be able to use an iPhone or iPad, hold it up, which would then display useful nearby data.

Fybr screenshot

Currently a box will either appear over a space, showing it as available and how much it costs to park there. While bringing up details of a parking space you can already see isn’t overly useful, as Fybr shows in the video below the app can show nearby unseen spaces, perfect for anyone navigating – certainly not to be used whilst driving!

Fybr’s app still looks fairly early on in development but it does show a novel use of AR technology. As further details are revealed VRFocus will continue to provide updates.