Epic Games Comes to Oculus Connect 4

Oculus are bringing back their successful annual virtual reality (VR) conference this year with Oculus Connect 4, where many industry professionals will be appearing to offer insights, speculation and support to attendees. As with previous years, Epic Games are planning to be in attendance.

Epic Games are the creators of Unreal Engine, the current version of which, Unreal Engine 4, forms the underpinnings of some of the biggest and most successful VR titles currently available, such as EVE: Valkyrie and Robo Recall.

The team from Epic Games will be in attendance at Oculus Connect 4 to offer answers to technical questions during their ‘office hours’ where developers and engineers can ask for help to get through obstacles encountered in projects using Unreal Engine 4.

Nick Whiting, Epic Games’ Technical Director of AR and VR will be giving an in-depth look at first-person shooter for the Oculus Rift, Robo Recall, examining the successes and failures of the title and the performance of Unreal Engine 4.


Also hosted by Epic Games at the event will be the Developer Highlight: Future Lighthouse, where the creator of VR storytelling experience MELITA, who will analyse the current state of the VR industry and community and discuss how best to move forward.

Other events planned for Oculus Connect 4 include a talk on VR Esports by Christopher McKelvy, a workshop of Social VR and a live demonstration on how to capture mixed reality experiences. Further information can be found at the official Oculus Connect 4 website.

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