AfterNow Releases ARKit Tool Aimed at Filmmakers

Blocker app allows directors and filmmakers to compose shots using augmented reality.

The announcement of Apple’s ARKit toolset for augmented reality (AR) generated much excitement, with its enhanced AR capabilities prompting several companies to try out the technology. One such company is AfterNow, a specialist in AR who have created a new AR app for filmmakers.

The new app, called Blocker, is a creative tool for directors and filmmakers. It combines a director’s viewfinder with the ability to place virtual characters in order to quickly compose shots and check conditions such as lighting, angle and composition.

By combing virtual characters with real world scenery, filmmakers can better prepare for filming, getting a better idea of where to place cameras, characters and props. The current version of the app includes a director’s viewfinder, 3D content to aid in composing a scene, a lighting model that simulates shadows and colour and the ability to share images including shot information.

Users can even pick the camera they wish to use, with a selection of over 400 available, complete with the ability to adjust focal length to accurately reflect how a shot will look.

“Our goal is to pull storyboarding and shot blocking into the real world, so that it’s intuitive and expressive,” said Jesse Vander Does, the Director of Technology at AfterNow.

“ARKit from Apple is enabling developers to create more valuable and practical augmented reality applications on mobile phones,” according to Philippe Lewicki, Captain of AfterNow added.

Blocker can be downloaded from the Apple App Store for the iPhone6 and newer, running iOS11. Further information can be found on the AfterNow website.

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