VR Could Improve Car Sales New Research Suggests

Zerolight, a brand visualisation specialist that mainly deals with the automotive industry, has published results of a new research survey looking at how immersive technology such as virtual reality (VR) can aid consumers when purchasing a new car.

The company polled 1000 car buyers across Europe to understand what their feelings were towards VR. 89 percent of those surveyed indicated they would be more likely to proceed to purchase the vehicle after exploring and customising its features using VR, while 44 percent stated they would be ‘very likely’ to do so.

Zerolight Pagani

The study also revealed that 25 percent of consumers expect that VR will be the primary method of being able to customise a new car by 2027.

The survey also highlighted that 79 percent of respondents said that being offered a high-quality VR experience in a dealership would directly influence their perception of brand quality overall, with 50 percent also stating that it would make them more likely to view other vehicles in the range.

Commenting on the results, Joseph Artgole, associate marketing director at ZeroLight, said in a statement: “Modern consumer behaviour is making high quality, immersive brand experiences more and more relevant in today’s automotive marketplace. These results demonstrate that VR and AR offer a unique proposition for consumers, facilitating both brand affinity and conversion potential. Fully immersive, 1:1 experiences increase footfall by giving customers more freedom and flexibility to see and customise their car – making it easier for them to discover their dream vehicle from the very first interaction.”

This continues Zerolight’s on going research into the growing trend of brands utilising VR as a means of marketing. As further studies are conducted VRFocus will bring you the latest results.