VR, AR and E-Sports Get $15.6 Million In Investments From Greycroft Venture Partner

Greycroft Venture partner Jon Goldman has announced the close of investments into virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), E-Sports and videogame areas and companies totalling $15.6million (USD).

Greycroft Ventures previously set up its GC VR Gaming Tracker Fund, known simply as ‘Tracker’, to provide seed funding, and has made over 20 investments in VR, AR and videogaming areas of between $50k-$500k. Goldman will be managing the Tracker fund as he has a substantial background in videogaming, having previously been chairman and CEO of Foundation 9 Entertainment, one of the largest independent videogame developers.

“AR, VR, video games and e-sports continue to grow tremendously and spawn entirely new user experiences and industries,” said Jon Goldman. “Through our investments, we can help these startups reach the next stage of market adoption. We are committed to helping new teams, not only through capital, but also with connections and strategic advice.”

“We have been working together for four years and are excited to dive deeper into VR, AR, e-sports and video gaming with an operator like Jon who has lived in the space for years,” said Dana Settle, co-founder and partner of Greycroft. “We have already co-invested with Tracker in a number of companies and believe this sector-specific approach will help us develop expertise and relationships in these quickly emerging ecosystems.”

“Jon has been a great partner to work with in e-sports,” said Johannes Waldstein, co-founder and CEO of e-sports monetization company FanAI. “His network has already opened several doors in the short time they have been investors and we are excited to continue to have Tracker’s support.”

VRFocus will continue to report on news on investments within the VR and AR industry.