Training the Troops Using Augmented Reality

U.S. Army are planning on introducing augmented reality tech to train for future warfare.

The U.S. Army have already been known to be experimenting with augmented reality (AR) technology, and there are some reports that the British Tank Regiment are using AR displays to assist in manoeuvring tanks. A further development of this idea is being tested as part of a joint effort between the U.S. Army Research Laboratory and the University of Southern California, among others, to improve training for warfare by involving AR.

The research and development on the project has produced a prototype for what is referred to a Synthetic Training Environment, also known at STE. The technology allows for the creation of a training environment using the latest technology that allows the Army to engage in joint training operations wherever required; at home, at deployed locations or in combat training centres.

“As the Army evolves with manned and unmanned teams and other revolutionary battlefield capabilities, STE will be flexible enough to train, rehearse missions and experiment with new organization and doctrine,” said Col. Harold Buhl, ARL Orlando and ICT program manager.

The STE technology allows for different options and can deliver real-time feedback to leaders, allowing them to adjust the scenario on the fly.

Ryan McAlinden, director for Modeling, Simulation and Training at ICT, said his team has been working with ARL, the TRADOC capabilities manager, Combined Arms Center for Training and PEO STRI for the past year to help inform the requirements process for the STE: “The team has been researching and prototyping techniques and technologies that show feasibility for the one world terrain part of the program,” McAlinden said. “The hope is that these research activities can better inform the materiel development process when the STE is formally approved as a program of record.”

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