TheWaveVR and Ash Koosha Use VR To Cross Borders

Virtual reality (VR) social music platform TheWaveVR have teamed up with electronic artist Ash Koosha to host a live concert in VR to offer a vision of a world where borders and boundaries do not exist.

The event is the latest social music experience to be offered by TheWaveVR, who have previously offered events by metal-electronic duo HeavyGrinder, as well as concerts by Stragelook and Brainfeeder. The new show, titled AKTUAL will be broadcast on TheWaveVR platform on 16th August, 2017 at 7pm Pacific time.

Ash Koosha views the issues of borders and censorship as something close to his heart, having been blacklisted in his home country for playing rock music, as well as twice being barred from entering the USA due to travel restrictions. He said at the time: “All of my ambitions, contributions and efforts were reduced to bureaucratic paperwork that left me feeling betrayed and burdened because of my ‘place of birth’.”

Ash Koosha

“There are no borders inside VR,” said TheWaveVR CCO and Co-Founder Aaron Lemke. “We’ve been working hard to develop a community that’s both positive and inclusive, where all are welcome. Soon artists will be able to use our platform to reach all their fans at once, and these physical, man-made boundaries won’t have so much power.”

“Ash’s music and artistic vision has been an inspiration to us since we started the company,” said TheWaveVR CEO and Co-Founder Adam Arrigo. “When we met Ash last year, we bonded over the idea that VR could give fans unprecedented access to deeper dimensions of artists’ visions. This show is the culmination of a long distance collaboration that we think speaks to VR’s potential to unite people around art.”

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