StarBlood Arena Demo Coming to EU PlayStation Store Today, US Tomorrow

WhiteMoon Dreams launched its six degrees-of-freedom (6DoF) shooter StarBlood Arena in April for PlayStation VR. Today the studio has announced it’ll be releasing a demo version for free, allowing headset owners to get a feel for the title before buying it.

Being a demo WhiteMoon Dreams only wants to give you a little taster of this frantic, inter-galactic bloodsport. So it includes one arena and one pilot, Alice. You’ll be able to see all nine pilots and their various attributes but you can only play as Alice, who has a grenade launcher launcher as her secondary weapon.

Really the demo is designed to see how you’d get on with 6DoF controls in virtual reality (VR) as not everyone may find it comfortable. Being inside a cockpit usually helps to mitigate simulator sickness but that’s not always the case, especially if you’re in multiplayer combat dodging every which way trying not to get shot.

For EU PlayStation VR owners the demo should be available through PlayStation.Store today, while US gamers will need to wait until tomorrow.

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