ROCCAT Games Studio Unveil First VR Title Elevator… to the Moon!

Earlier this year gaming peripheral manufacturer ROCCAT created its own in-house videogame development team, with a team of 10 working on a non-virtual reality (VR) title called Sick City. For VR the studio has a team of three working on an Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR videogame called Elevator… to the Moon!

Elevator… to the Moon! is a comedic space repairman simulator in which players find themselves trapped in an underground facility. They soon find President of the World Doug Slater-Roccmeier shouting at them via intercom, demanding that his broken space elevator is fixed.

Elevator to the Moon screenshot 2.

“The original idea of solving puzzles in a moon elevator built by a bossy president came not long after Google Cardboard was announced,” says Barnes. “That way you wouldn’t have to worry about tracking or complex inputs and the puzzles, and the environment would change as you ascended into space, said ROCCAT Game Director Marc Barnes on the Oculus blog. “Developing a Gear VR and Rift version in tandem is a challenge. Carsten and Hannah have worked hard to come up with some really creative solutions to support multiple controller types and a graphical style that translates strongly across both platforms.”

Elevator… to the Moon! will be released for Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR this October. For further updates on Elevator… to the Moon!, keep reading VRFocus.