Nvidia Release Game Ready Driver for Killing Floor: Incursion

Graphics card makers Nvidia have been quite keen on supporting the virtual reality (VR) industry by providing the best possible experience for players taking on a VR experience. The new Game Ready Driver from Nvidia includes specific support for Killing Floor: Incursion, along with other titles Agents of Mayhem and Crossout.

The new Game Ready Driver has just been released for Nvidia users to take advantage of, either by downloading directly from the Nvidia website, or using the Nvidia GeForce Experience app. Nvidia have released the game-ready driver for Killing Floor: Incursion two days before the official release of the tile, so players will be able to take advantage of the improved features from day 0, such as a consistent framerate of 90fps. Nvidia are recommending that players use a Nvidia GeForce 1080 Ti for the best experience while playing Killing Floor: Incursion.


Also included in the new driver is Nvidia Ansel, a new type of screen-capture technology that allows players to capture high-quality still from within the videogame world, then apply post-processing with various filters and share in 360-degrees via smartphone, PC or VR headset.

Killing Floor: Incursion was developed by Tripwire Interactive as part of horror franchise Killing Floor. The title is due to be released on Oculus Rift with Touch later this month. The gameplay puts the player in the role of a soldier who needs to fight off monsters using a range of weaponry, both long-ranged like guns, or melee like knives. Exploration is encouraged to allow for the discovery of new materials with which to craft bigger and better weapons, and find the best place to set up a base to hold off the zombie hordes.

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