Mo-Sys Unveil StarTrackerVR, Enabling Immersive Tracking at Scale

UK-based camera technology manufacturer Mo-Sys Engineering Ltd has released a new bit of kit aimed at the broadcasters using virtual reality (VR) called StarTrackerVR, designed to offer tracking capabilities in larger spaces.

Already being used globally by networks such as the BBC, ESPN, NHK, FOX, ZDF and Sky, the original StarTracker has been redesigned for the VR industry, offering full functionality and compatibility across all the major headsets.

Mo Sys StarTrackerVR

StarTrackerVR can track any object within a large designated environment. It does this by locating small reflective stickers placed on the ceiling all in real-time. The system design means that StarTrackerVR can be scaled to most indoor environments, without the cost going up, so whether you have a small room or a big warehouse space, it’ll work.

“The VR/AR industry is alive with possibilities but was so restricted by the limitations on movement. We are so excited to be a  part of this incredible space; to push the boundaries of VR and bring the full potential of VR to new industries,” said Mo-Sys Engineering CEO, Michael Geissler in a statement.

Because of its open platform design StarTrackerVR can be paired with VR backpack solutions such as HP Z VR, MSI’s VR One and Zotac’s VRGO for example, further extending the free-roaming capabilities.

Whilst the technology can be used for gaming purposes it does have potential in other industries like architecture, emergency services training, healthcare, automotive, and education.

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