Location-Based VR Experience Simulated Paragliding

A UK-based company Frontgrid has teamed up with a business specialising in simulations called Simworx to create a new location-based virtual reality (VR) attraction that simulates the experience of paragliding.

Paragliding is a type of extreme sport, often seen at beach resort locations where tourists can be towed at speed behind a speedboat, paragliding involves wearing a harness and a parachute-like sail to catch the wind. The new attraction, named ParadropVR, recreates this experience, using up and down motion simulation as well as visuals with sudden drops and deceleration to accurately recreate the experience of piloting a paraglider.

The ParadropVR ride also features an interactive videogame element that can be controlled by the user, where points are awarded for flying through certain targets, with more points being awarded for accuracy.

Fronrgrid are planning on offering multiple theming and content options to potential buyers, as well as a modular construction option to offer better hourly capacity throughput and lower operating costs. The creators have designed ParadropVR with the aim of the attraction being easy to install in a variety of locations, such as theme parks, shopping malls, cinemas and bowling alleys.

CEO Matt Wells commented: “Our mission is to create world first, iconic adventure experiences with strong brands and protectable IP, underpinned by disruptive, high growth, high return business models. We are delighted to have partnered with Simworx, a world leader in its field, to create and bring to market the first of our experiences. And of course we are excited to be launching ParadropVR at this year’s EAS. It’s a totally new concept and I’m sure it will create much interest among operators when revealed at the show.”

VRFocus will continue to report on new location-based VR attractions.