Lenovo Unveils the Motorola Moto x4 with AR Functionality

Lenovo has comes out all guns blazing today at IFA in Germany this week, with its big augmented reality (AR) announcement coming in the form of the Lenovo Mirage AR headset – with plenty of mentions to Star Wars. While smartphones aren’t generally VRFocus’ thing unless mentioned alongside headset support like the LG V30, Lenovo’s Motorola division has unveiled the Moto x4 a mid-range device with an AR photo feature.

Essentially a way to spice up user images – mainly selfies – the feature lets them add a layer of animations to their photos or videos. While few details have been released on what this actually looks like, it sounds very similar to those from Snapchat or Facebook for example.

Motorola Moto x4_1

While not exactly the most amazing use of AR technology adding features such as these certainly does help bring the tech to as wider audience as possible, certainly helping consumers take notice when headset like the Mirage arrive.

In May a report by eMarketer showed that because of the rise in these types of features, AR market growth has continued to climb, estimating that in the US AR use has grown by around 30 percent since 2016.

As AR continues to grow, seeing greater use as an everyday technology, VRFocus will bring you the latest announcements.