GalactaVision Looking to Bring VR RPG ‘Lore’ to Life Through Kickstarter

Making any type of videogame is a difficult process – virtual reality (VR) based or otherwise – especially when you’re a fledgling studio trying to make a name for yourself. As VRFocus likes to do from time to time, there’s usually an interesting project on crowd-funding platform Kickstarter that’s trying to build funds and this time it’s for a role-playing game (RPG) called Lore.

Being developed by an indie studio called GalactaVision, Lore has been in development for the last four years. The team first started in 2013 with an accelerator, Emergent Labs which helped buy the relevant VR hardware needed for development.

Lore artwork

Lore is being built as an adventure set in a world of giant robots and airships, where players will be able to run around solving puzzles, jump into a mech or use an airship to travel to new locations.

At present GalactaVision has finished the first level tutorial and Act 1 hub to a playable test form, with Act 1 mostly built. If the Kickstarter is successful funds will be used to finish the first whilst building Act 2 and 3, which are currently in pre-production.

The team is looking to raise $58,000 USD by 9th September, with the basic $5 tier giving backers access to a demo version for HTC Vive. For those wishing to secure the full title when it releases in December 2018 they’ll need to pledge $33 or more, with access to the demo and and early access to Lore as part of an exclusive beta team.

VRFocus will continue to monitor Lore’s campaign, reporting back with further updates.