Fallout 4 VR Will Not Include DLC, Bethesda Comments

DLC packs such as Nuka-World and Far Harbor will not be included in Fallout 4 VR at launch.

There has been much excitement and speculation since Bethesda revealed it was bringing acclaimed title Fallout 4 into virtual reality (VR). Considering the vastness of the world in Fallout 4, there was some concern on if it would be a cut down experience, and questions asked over if DLC such as Nuka-World would be included. Bethesda has now confirmed it is not planning to include DLC packs in Fallout 4 VR.

In an official statement, a Bethesda spokesperson said at Gamescom: “We are focusing on the core game experience for VR but we are looking at options to bring these add-ons in the future.”

This would indicate that content DLC packs such as Nuka-World and Far Harbor will not be available in Fallout 4 VR upon launch, it also repeats a previous phrasing about the experience being “the complete core game”. There are six DLC packs for Fallout 4 in all, which all contain additional quests, with the exception of Wasteland Workshop and Contraptions Workshop, along with additions to crafting and building modes.

The statement by Bethesda suggests that the company may consider adding in additional content later on in the life of the title, similar to the original DLC packs, but there has been no confirmation on this as of yet. Nor is it known if any additional content packs will be free or have a cost.

Bethesda announced in July that Fallout 4 VR would be compatible with the Xbox controller as well as HTC Vive motion controllers. Free locomotion as well as teleportation and snap-movement will all be available so players can choose the method they find most comfortable.

VRFocus will bring you further information on Fallout 4 VR as it becomes available.

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