Dead Moon: Revenge on Phobos Gets New Trailer

Dark sci-fi shooter Dead Moon: Revenge on Phobos was released into Steam Early Access a short time ago and has already seen its first major update, and new developers Mercury Aerospace Industries have released an Early Access trailer.

With a visual style reminiscent of the recent DOOM title, Dead Moon: Revenge on Phobos follows the story of a xenoarchelogoist, someone whose job is to investigate the history of other worlds. Following a malfunction when returning from a routine mission, the player’s spacecraft is forced to land on the Martian moon of Phobos. Finding a long abandoned and forgotten outpost, the player quickly finds out why the outpost was abandoned as they come under attack from hordes of unearthly creatures.

The developers built Dead Moon: Revenge on Phobos specifically for use in virtual reality (VR). The aim was to create a title with advanced movement options and intuitive controls, which allows items to be touched, picked up, used or destroyed to provide a more immersive experience. As the developers have noted, there is a strong focus on development of the AI enemies, with each enemy having its own behaviour and fighting style.

For locomotion options, several are available, including teleportation, stationary, free movement and room-scale walking. A recent update increased the walking speed and teleportation. Curiously, the title separates movement direction, line of sight and shooting direction, which in theory allows for circle-strafing, something few other VR titles have implemented.

The developers are keen to get feedback on improvements, bug fixes and new features, and hope to have a final release version ready within six months.

Further information and updates can be found on the Steam page. You can watch the Early Access trailer below.

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