Coresystems and Sightcall Bring AR To Technical Support

Remote technicians can leverage AR technology to resolve complex problems.

Anyone who has worked in the technical support area will know how difficult it is to find the root cause of an issue when you cannot see the device or system that is experiencing an issue. In an attempt to overcome this issue, Coresystems is partnering with SightCall to enhance technical support with augmented reality (AR).

Coresystems are a provider of cloud-based software for field service and workforce management. The partnership with SightCall will allow field technicians to get detailed remote guidance from offsite experts.

Using AR technology, field technicians can receive detailed information on the problem before even stepping foot on site. As technology advances and becomes more complex, it becomes impossible for technicians to become experts in every area they deal with, so in the event of a technician encountering a problem they are not familiar with, the information can be broadcast to a remote expert, who can then relay back detailed instruction using AR, either on a smartphone screen or using some form of smartglasses technology.

“The real-time connectivity of the IoT in a mobile first world has conditioned customers to expect faster service than ever before, putting pressure on technicians who rely on traditional service methods for issue detection, such as phone calls and/or service tickets,” said Thomas Cottereau, CEO of SightCall. “Our partnership with Coresystems aligns perfectly with our solutions, as the coupling of our AR-powered Video Assistance with Coresystems’ crowdsourcing FSM platform provides enterprises and consumers with a rich service experience the moment they need it.”

“Two key drivers for an optimal field service experience are first-time fix rate and duration of on-site visits,” said Manuel Grenacher, CEO of Coresystems. “The Coresystems-SightCall integration uses the latest advancements in video and augmented reality functionalities to set the standard for those two criteria. Customers can expect faster issue detection and problem resolution from start to finish, resulting in better customer satisfaction and loyalty overall.”

VRFocus will continue to report on new applications for AR technology.

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