Charm Games Confirm Surreal Puzzler FORM for Oculus Rift

At the start of June, indie developer Charm Games launched its first virtual reality (VR) title onto HTC Vive, a puzzle videogame called FORM. Now the studio has revealed that support will be coming to Oculus Rift in a few days time.

FORM’s story is set in a remote Alaskan research facility, where Dr. Devin Eli is trying to uncover the secrets behind a recently discovered ancient artifact, The Obelisk. Eli is a brilliant physicist who has superhuman powers of geometric visualization – the unintended consequence of a childhood trauma. Delving into the doctors memories, you have to assemble puzzle pieces, unlock doors and open rifts to alternative realities as you try to unlock the secrets of the artifact.


VRFocus reviewed FORM, giving it four stars, saying: “Charm Games has created a visual and audible treat for HTC Vive players with puzzles that interlock and expand the world around them.” Or checkout VRFocus‘ gameplay video for an in-depth look at the title.

FORM will be releasing on Oculus Home this Thursday, 10th August, Charm Games confirmed on Twitter. There’s no confirmation of price for this release but as it retails for £14.99 GBP/$19.99 USD on Steam its likely to be similar.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Charm Games, reporting back with further updates.