Board the Soul Train with Manifest 99 on PlayStation VR

Independent developer Flight School Studio have announced that it is bringing its first title, Manifest 99, to the PlayStation VR, for release on 12th September, 2017.

Manifest 99 takes place on an eerie journey to the afterlife, set largely about the train that carries souls to the land of the dead. The train is inhabited by a murder of crows, who act as the players eyes and ears. Curiously, no Dual Shock or Move Controller is required, as head movement controls everything. Players gaze into the eyes of a crow to move to its perspective and explore the world around them. Along the way, the player meets four travelling companions, attempting to unravel their stories and bring them some measure of peace and uncover the reasons why they, and you, are about the train.

The art style is slightly washed out, soft-edged and almost abstract, adding a misty, dreamlike quality that is designed to be a good fit for interacting with characters such as the Bear, a forlorn, reserved soul who as he lived his life as a solider, lost much and experienced much horror. Other characters you will meet include Doe, Owl and Crow, all of whom have their own stories.

Alex Volker of Flight School Studio said on the PlayStation blog: “Our team has created a rich, immersive world with Manifest 99 and we are excited to have y’all play it on PS VR. It’s been a journey creating an experience that straddles the line between dream and nightmare. We hope you’ll join us on our winding train trek through the great beyond.”

A price point for Manifest 99 has not yet been confirmed. A trailer is available to view below.

VRFocus will bring you further information on Manifest 99 as it becomes available.