Australians Get a Very Limited Edition HTC Vive Featuring Front Defense

If you’ve been planning on getting into virtual reality (VR) gaming, are keen on purchasing HTC Vive, and happen to live in Australia then there’s a very limited deal available that’s not on offer anywhere else.

HTC is currently a Front Defense bundle that includes the VR system, the videogame, a limited edition HTC Vive protective cover – with the Front Defense logo – for the headset and controllers, and $100 AUD off the regular price. This deal is available now, directly via www.vive.com/au until 11.59am 24th August, 2017.

Front Defense screenshot

There is one small catch however, this bundle isn’t just limited in time, it’s limited in quantity as well. There are only 80 units available if you want one. On the plus side, all the units come with free shipping.

So $100 off and some nifty protective covers might be enough to tempt you into purchasing, whereas Front Defense not not as much. Developed by HTC’s internal virtual reality (VR) development team at Fantahorn Studio, VRFocus reviewed the title, only giving it 3-stars saying: “Front Defense is an experience that leaves you wanting. It’s one of those titles in which you can see bags of potential in the individual elements but ultimately it just doesn’t fit together as a perfect whole. You’ll play it a few times, complete it, but then never be drawn back to face another wave of Axis forces.”

VRFocus will continue its coverage of HTC Vive, reporting back with the latest announcements.