Augmented Reality Puzzle Title To Launch Kickstarter

The success of Pokemon Go, regardless of its various issues, and the recent entry by Apple into the augmented reality (AR) sector has inspired several developers to look into the creation of new AR titles. One such project is called Hidden Secrets, and plans to award successfully players with real cash prizes.

Drawing on ideas behind events such as the wildly successful ‘Masquerade’ children’s book which offered a valuable prize to those who could solve the clues, or the more recent trend of Geocaching, Hidden Secrets weaves a tale of a bygone age where secret societies were everywhere, and science was in its earliest form. Secret pages from that time have been scattered across the world, disguised within complex puzzles that need to be found and solved to unlock the prize.

Hidden Secrets is promising daily puzzles, complete with intricate hand-painted artwork to offer a unique look to the title. The first players who manage to pinpoint the exact location of a given treasure will be rewarded with a cash prize of up to $10,000 (USD), with a total of ten such prizes available. The developers say that they hope the prizes will not be the only reason to play, however, and hope that the sense of discovery and achievement will also be instilled into players.

A Kickstarter campaign to fund the app s due to be launched in a week’s time, though how much funding will be sought is still unknown. Though expected to be a mobile app, it has not yet been confirmed what platforms Hidden Secrets will be available on, nor has a launch date or price point been confirmed.

VRFocus will bring you further information on Hidden Secrets and other AR applications as it becomes available.