AltspaceVR Lives On

Many users of social virtual reality (VR) app AltspaceVR were deeply saddened and disappointed to hear that the app would be shutting down. Now it seems the app may be getting a stay of execution due in large part to the actions of its community.

In any social-based app or experience, the community is the lifeblood. Since the announcement of the closure of Altspace VR, the community has been mobilising, sharing their memories with each other to ensure the Altspace VR was not forgotten. According to a blog post on the Altspace VR website, many community members reached out to the team at Altspace VR to offer money or expertise, trying to save the app from the brink.

AltspaceVR highrise2

In response, the Altspace VR team have rallied and are now in negotiations with several unnamed parties to try and secure the future of Altspace VR. It is unknown at this point what from the future version of Altspace VR will take, but Courtney from the Altspace VR team said on the blog post: “We feel confident saying to our community that you don’t need to find another place to meet your friends in virtual reality. AltspaceVR is not closing down. We look forward to seeing what you’ll make next in AltspaceVR.”

The news will no doubt cheer the members of the community, which has formed over the years that Altspace VR has been active, being one of the first adopters of modern VR with versions available across Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream.

VRFocus will continue to bring you news on the future of Altpsace VR, in whatever form it ultimately takes.