10 Amazing Creations Made In Tilt Brush

There are some incredible artists out there, who create amazing things with pencil and paper, or paint or sculpture. The vast majority of them will never be famous and most will never get their work in a gallery. With Google’s Tilt Brush application, though, its possible to discover, recognise and share talent much more easily.

Tilt Brush was thought by many to be a virtual reality (VR) toy when it was first released, dismissed by some critics as VR’s answer to Microsoft Paint. As was pointed out at the time and is even more apparent now, Microsoft Paint has been the medium for incredible things, and that is even more true of Tilt Brush.

The Tilt Brush online gallery allows users to share their works to the Tilt Brush website. From there, the artworks can be likes, shared, downloaded and remixed, resulting in some incredible creations and recognition for artists who have toiled in obscurity.

Here are ten Tilt Brush artworks that VRFocus found particularly notable.