Untethered VR Comes to Xbox One: Watch Titanfall on the Ascend Prototype

Is the Xbox One finally getting its own VR solution?

While Microsoft is unwilling to be pinned down on exactly what the virtual reality (VR) strategy is for the Xbox One X, despite having previously announced plans to incorporate the technology last year, it seems that demand for the technology amongst gamers remains high. As such, MVR Global has picked up the mantel with the upcoming Ascend head-mounted display (HMD).

MVR Ascend

The Ascend HMD is a multi-format device, aiming to bring an untethered experience to gamers on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC and beyond. The device can manipulate the output of existing videogames for display on the HMD’s screen, codenamed the S1, and return input via the HMD’s motion-tracking sensor. This results in a product that can be developed for specifically, or simply added into an existing project. Furthermore, it can also be seen in prototype format working with Electronic Arts’ hugely popular Titanfall for Xbox One in the VRFocus exclusive video below.

MVR Global’s crowdfunding campaign is off to a very good start, with more than £100,000 GBP of its £500,000 funding goal already achieved. The device has 24 days remaining in its campaign, which is using the Crowdcube funding platform and offering a pre-funding valuation of £3,500,000. This results in those who contribute becoming investors in the project and receiving a small amount of equity, opposed to simply ‘donating’ their money in the same fashion as Kickstarter or similar crowdfunding portals.

The exclusive video featuring Titanfall on the prototype Ascend hardware can be seen below, and of course VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on the project from MVR Global.

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