Oculus now Supports Mixed Reality Capture Natively

Developers should now find it easier to record MR videos.

The tricky thing about selling virtual reality (VR) to the public – especially those that have never tried any VR experiences – is that it can be very hard to get across what it’s like being in a virtual world. Normal videos or gameplay trailers don’t really cut it and seeing someone waving their arms around whilst playing doesn’t especially help either. But combining the two is becoming a popular option, creating a mixed reality (MR) video where viewers can see how players are interacting in these virtual experiences. The process isn’t always that easy though, so this week Oculus added native MR capture support to Oculus Rift.

Oculus explains in a blog posting: “Using our new stack, developers (and other pro users, once more apps are enabled) can create videos and other content that merges live footage of people using Rift and Touch in the real world with in-game footage from VR apps.”


The company has already published a Mixed Reality Capture Setup Guide providing the information developers will need on compatible PCs, cameras, using the new CameraTool for calibration, ideal room and sensor setups, and more.

Whilst that’s fine for devs, at present those ‘pro users’ Oculus mentions won’t yet have full freedom. In regards to the compatible apps at present only the Oculus World Demo – included with the SDK is enabled for MR capture. Whilst more will eventually be added, that’s the sum total at present. No roadmap has been released detailing plans for the addition of further apps at present.

When that does happen VRFocus will keep you updated.

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