New AR Horror Experience By Clever Fox to Debut at ScareLA

The Summoning, a location-based haunted house horror experience using AR technology will be unveiled at ScareLA.

ScareLA is one of the biggest horror conventions in the world. Declaring itself to be ‘Halloween in the Summer’ the event is often host to horror movies and scare experiences such as would normally be found at Halloween. This year’s even will see the unveiling of new augmented reality (AR) horror experience ‘The Summoning’ created by Clever Fox.

The Summoning puts players in the role of urban explorers trying to discover the secrets of Magnolia Hotel, an abandoned Hollywood hotel that has been empty for decades. The hotel’s interior contains the mystery of a killing spree involving a cult and its twisted leader, Raphael Davidson. Players will need to use their smartphones to reveal the answers. The experience will be fully themed, using lighting, sets, special effects and music along with the smartphone AR to immerse participants in the experience.

“VR and AR have been a pretty safe space for content and although it’s been embraced by myself and few other genre storytellers the landscape is still very much a marketing friendly landscape,” Said Dekker Dreyer, Chief Creative Officer at Clever Fox, “With The Summoning I’ve created something that’s large scale and not tied to a film or TV series. That frees us to push creative limits that you have to fight to push when you’re creating something of this size. We’re expecting over ten thousand people to experience this over a weekend, which is massive for an original augmented reality experience. The dimension you look into on your smartphone is human-scale and very scary. We’re going to give a lot of people nightmares.”

The Clever Fox AR Viewer is available on Google Play Store, and will be coming soon to Apple App Store. The app will allow access to The Summoning along with other upcoming location-based AR content. Further information on ScareLA can be found at the official website.

VRFocus will bring you further information on Clever Fox’s AR and VR content as it becomes available.

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