Life In 360°: From Bunnies To Space

We check in with a new look at ASTEROIDS!

A sneak peak from a familiar face on Wednesday’s visit to Life In 360° and that familiar face is Baobab Studios.

If you’ve followed VRFocus for sometime you’ll know we’ve charted Baobab Studios’s adventures involving their property INVASION! Which began life as a smaller presentation before the company received a lot of funding and it was also announced that a big screen adaptation of the adventure was to occur.

It’s bunny star was quite the draw, as VRFocus described it in an preview: “Within the first few minutes you’ll meet your new friend, who curiously bounds up towards the camera, set upon a frozen lake, to meet you. Baobab Studios wants you to connect with this cutesy critter through proximity over anything else, and it’s not hard to form a bond with the Pixar-esque creation when you feel like it’s really in front of you.”

The sequel ASTEROIDS! was announced back in December and debuted at the The Sundance Film Festival. Thankfully for those not at the event Baobab Studios have now released a 360 degree “sneak peak” as to what further adventures await.

VRFocus will return on Friday with another 360 degree video, and of course check bac throughout today for more news and features relating to the world of virtual reality technologies and entertainment.

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