Intel Partner With RAVE For MOBILEBEAST VR

Virtual reality (VR) at the higher-end is not very portable. Users who need to be able to move around, such as for development work find it a struggle to move the bulky PCs and VR equipment. Enter Computer hardware manufacturer RAVE, who have been named by Intel as its ‘Partner of the Year’ mostly thanks to the creation of its MOBILEBEAST VR computer system.

The MOBILEBEAST VR was designed as a portable workstation optimised for VR development with the aim of allowing users to set up a VR development studio wherever they were. The system is compatible with any Intel Xeon processor, though RAVE found that the E5-1650 v4 was the ideal for VR applications. The MOBILEBEAST VR system supports two Nvidia Quadro professional graphics cards, with each providing half the output by running in total sync. The system uses liquid cooling for optimum cooling of the small form factor case.

“Creating the MOBILEBEAST VR was a challenging project that the team took very seriously. We are all thrilled to have created such a powerful machine that is also small and portable. In the end, our custom liquid cooling system was the key to enabling the level of performance and reliability we’re now delivering to professional VR users around the country,” Karl Rosenberger, Director of Product Development, RAVE Computer.

RAVE was founded in 1988 specialising in creating custom engineered solutions for specific customer requirements and needs using off the shelf components. The company became an Intel Channel Partner in 2005 and has won Intel’s Partner of the Year award four times since then.

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