Full-Body VR Arena Presents Livestreaming Event

Student-led Project Myron celebrates completion with Facebook livestream event.

A project by the Saxion University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands to create a full-body virtual reality (VR) arena titled Project Myron is getting close to completion, and the team behind its development are planning a live-streaming event on Facebook to show the public what the technology can do.

Created by a group of students at the University, with support from companies such as Xsens, Manus VR and XMG, the aim of the project was to create a full-body motion capture and VR experience in just five months. Project Myron was designed to allow up to eight players to engage in an arena shooter. Using the Xsens motion-tracking technology, it is possible for players to use body language and gestures to communicate in order to coordinate efforts to take out the enemy team.

The body-tracking technology doesn’t need the reflective dots or ping-pong ball attachments previously required for motion capture, as it uses a combination of gyroscopes, accelerometers and magnetometers, which also eliminates the need for a full motion-capture stage set-up. Manus VR mo-cap gloves and XMG backpack PCs are also used to make the experience as interactive as possible.

The team will be hosting a live-stream on Facebook as they shoot a promotional movie for the project to celebrate its completion. The event is due to begin on 12th July, 2017 at 1pm Central Europe Time (CET) with the gameplay reveal and press event and will continue until late in the evening. Further information can be found on the Project Myron Facebook page.

A video showing a previous demonstration of the Project Myron technology is available to view below.

VRFocus will bring you further news on Project Myron and other innovative uses of VR technology as it becomes available.

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