From Legend To Augmented Reality – Legendary Pokemon Come to Pokemon Go

Since the launch of augmented reality (AR) mobile title Pokemon Go, players have been speculating on if any when the famous Legendary Pokemon would make it into the game. Now, in celebration of Pokemon Go’s first year anniversary, developer Niantic Labs have announced that Legendary Pokemon will soon be available.

Trainers will be able to take part in Legendary Raid Battles in order to defeat the Legendary Pokemon such as Zapdos and Articuno and get a chance at capturing it. The new Legendary Raids will work similarly to the current Gym Raids, where an Egg appears atop a gym and players need to join forces in order to beat the tougher-than-usual Boss-tier Pokemon.

The first battle against the Legendary Pokemon will involve players from all over the world, as whist the Pokemon Go Fest is going on at Grant Park in Chicago, across the rest of the world, Challenge Windows will be available that allow players to unlock in-game bonuses and also increase the chances of a Legendary Pokemon to appear at Pokemon Go Fest.

pokemon go raids

If trainers attending Pokemon Go Fest in Chicago manage to successfully defeat the Legendary Pokemon, that Pokemon will then begin to appear in Raid Battles across the globe.

Pokemon Go Fest is due to take place on 22nds July, 2017. That isn’t the only Pokemon Go-related event, however. Various ‘Safari Zone’ events are due to take place during August in various European cities from Prague to Paris to Barcelona. Also, in the UK on the 22nd-23rd of July the city of Chester will be hosting a Pokemon Go event in collaboration with Big Heritage that allows Pokemon Go players to play together and discover more about the historic city.

VRFocus will bring you further news on Pokemon Go as it becomes available.