E McNeill’s Strategy Puzzler Darknet Hits Google Daydream

Last month it was confirmed that E McNeill’s strategy/puzzle videogame Darknet would be getting a release which subsequently happened on June 8th 2017.  At the same time however it was also confirmed that the title, which we first previewed on VRFocus back in 2014 as an Oculus Rift title, would also be coming to the Google Daydream smartphone based head-mounted display (HMD). This has now come to pass, as the game, though seemingly not yet announced as out is available on the Google Play Store priced at £8.99 (GBP).

Darknet screenshotDarknet is a cyberpunk styled videogame that sees you take on the identity of an elite hacker, who goes on a tear through the web on a mission to steal data via any means necessary without being traced. Using everything from exploits in systems to worms and viruses in order to get in and get out with the digital goods. The popular title, has accumulated over 100,000 hours of playtime on the Gear VR version alone, according to its developer.

As VRFocus described in our initial preview, “Darknet is quick to learn but compelling in it’s mastery. Learning the path that your viral attack will take while also predicting the movement of the security systems is an enjoyable and rewarding task, and when given the opportunity to initiate more than one attack on a single node timing and accuracy become incredibly important.”

You can see a trailer for the videogame below. VRFocus will bring you more news on the various VR projects being undertaken by E McNeill in the near future.