bHaptics Showcases Hapic Device TactSuit at HTC Vive X Demo Day

It's more of a haptic vest than an actual suit.

Virtual reality (VR) is all about immersing the user in whatever experience they happen to be playing, primarily achieved through sight and sound. Haptic technology aims to add the next level of immersion, so that players can actually feel whatever’s happening in the virtual world with several companies developing various methods to create this. One of the most popular avenues being employed is a haptic suit or vest, with companies like Nullspace VR and its Hardlight VR suit. Recently HTX Vive held a demo day in Shanghai, China with Korean startup bHaptics demoing its TactSuit.

The wireless kit features a vest with 40 feedback points – 20 on the front, 20 on the rear – two sleeves which each have 20 and a haptic mask with seven points, making for an impressive 87 reports Engadget. That’s significantly more than the Hardlight suit which features 16 individually controlled haptic feedback zones.

bHaptics TactSuit
Photo Credit: Engadget

With such a large amount of actuators providing feedback bHaptics can then supply even more realistic sensory simulation, which a device with fewer could not. For example, rather than multiple gunshots feeling like just the front of your body was being hit, you could actually tell if you were shot in the chest or abdomen. Or how about an insect crawling across your face or putting your arm up to defend against a punch.

This can be achieved through bHaptics in-house editing software that supports Unity. It would allow developers to create haptic paths across the individual feedback points for certain gameplay scenarios. The software also features an option to select the force each point outputs, as well as how rough the vibration can be.

The TactSuit is expected to be priced at under $549 USD, but as yet there are no plans to release it to consumers. bHaptics is looking at selling to the enterprise market to begin with, such as VR arcades, as well as developers.

As VRFocus learns more about bHaptics and TactSuit, we’ll let you know.


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