AMD On The Future Of VR And Their Role In Shaping It

VRFocus caught up with AMD at VRLO in London. AMD have been supporting REWIND for a very long time and helped companies showcase their content on their graphics cards (GPU’s) and portable virtual reality (VR) custom workspaces. The various Armari workstations that are VR ready came in various cases and colours.

Robert Jamieson from AMD says that VR is very important to AMD who produce GPU’s and central processing units (CPU’s) for many devices, consoles and systems such as the PlayStation, Xbox and Apple’s new iMac. A faster GPU enables more realistic content, and Jamieson believes that AMD is doing a great job as a key player in the virtual reality market. “People don’t realise the software is important it gives you the environment, but you need the tools. Which is the API, which is the stuff that’s wrapped around so you can be in a 3D environment, but you also need the hardware.”

Watch the video below to find out what you need from a GPU for the best VR experience for you (which is different if you want to game versus B2B), how the next generation of consoles use their GPU’s to be VR capable, as well as how AMD compete with competitors like Intel.