Altspace VR News Show Gets Bill Nye The Science Guy

VR series by NBC News MACH in VR will feature Bill Nye as part of Altspace VR event.

Altspace VR has established itself as one of the forefront of the new wave of social-oriented virtual reality (VR) content. The app not only provides a social meeting space for the VR world, but also broadcasts content, with various forms of entertainment and events appearing to users of VR. Altspace VR is planning to introduce famous TV scientist, Bill Nye as part of its MACH in VR science series.

MACH in VR forms part of the new digital content arm of NBC News. The third episode of the online series will feature Bill Nye, known to an entire generation as ‘Bill Nye the Science Guy’. Nye will be visiting Altspace VR to talk about ‘The Eight Principles of Everything’ and how you can unleash your inner Nerd and top into radical curiosity to solve almost any problem you may encounter. Interviewing Nye will be NBC News MACH Editorial Director David Freeman, who acts as the host of the show.

Previous episodes of MACH in VR are also available on Altspace VR and covered topics such as ‘Are We Alone?’ where Seth Shostak from the SETI Institute spoke with host Freeman about the ongoing search for alien life and the likelihood of there being life on other planets. Another episode was titled ‘7 Big Questions About the Cosmos’ which featured theoretical physicist and author Sean Carroll.

This is the second series that has been produced as part of the partnership between Altspace VR and NBC News, the first being Virtual Democracy Plaza. NBC have said that they believe that VR is a promising medium for storytelling and they are aiming to use it to showcase the innovation of NBC.

Bill Nye will appear on MACH in VR on 12th July, at 2:30pm PT. Further information can be found at the Altspace VR website.

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