With Arizona Sunshine Coming to PlayStation VR, Vertigo Games’ Richard Stitselaar Reveals What’s Next

Arizona Sunshine is finally coming to Playstation VR. The game was previously only available for PC, but has been built from the ground up to enable you to shoot zombies in this post-apocalyptic world. You can play solo or co-op campaign and it also supports the newly released PS VR Aim Controller.

Co-founder and Managing Director of Vertigo Games, Richard Stitselaar speaks to VRFocus‘ Nina Salomons about how Vertigo Games came to make Arizona Sunshine and what they’re working on now. You can find the juicy details in the interview below.

You can also checkout VRFocus‘ preview of the title on PlayStation VR. Find more interviews on the VRFocus YouTube channel, as well as the latest edition of our weekly show VRTV.