Windows Mixed Reality Gets Its First 360 Video Platform from Pixvana

Pixvana’s SPIN LaunchKit will help content producers start making videos

Windows Mixed Reality (MR) is coming, and Pixvana are making sure it’ll launch with plenty of content. Pixvana are stepping forward to ensure content creators have all the tools they need for the next generation of content.

Pixvana’s SPIN is a clod-based virtual reality (VR) streamer, and with the SPIN Play SDK, content producers can create custom Universal Windows Platform 360 videos and related apps.

Pixvana content can already be viewed on Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Gear VR, and with the Windows Mixed Reality platform, Pixvana is quickly becoming a staple of the 360 content users can enjoy in VR.

Pixvana CEO and Co-Founder, Forest Key, is optimistic about Microsoft’s new platform, saying; “Microsoft is pushing the MR medium forward with its cutting edge, high quality devices, and we’re excited to offer SPIN Play SDK and SPIN Studio as an easy way for Microsoft’s media partners, developers, and other customers to create and publish new MR content.”

Key continues; “Windows 10 is a powerful platform across devices and experiences, and with this SDK we’re hoping to further empower content creators with even more accessible and affordable tools.”

Microsoft’s Mixed Reality projects look incredibly promising, offering a vastly different alternative to VR.

Hopefully we’ll see more of Microsoft’s MR experiments in the near future. For free trial of Pixvana, check out their website.

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