VR Content Creators Within Welcome Dave Cowling [Updated]

Within are a company that specialises in creating content for virtual reality (VR). Working as the distributors of experiences such as The Protectors, a short VR film about elephant poaching in Africa, along with a VR experience for TV show Mr Robot and many other projects. The company is now welcoming Activision and SEGA alumnus Dave Cowling to the team as Vice President of Engineering.

Cowling previously worked on developing cross-platform rendering technology for SEGA, and had software engineering and technical leadership roles at Neversoft, creators of the Guitar Hero franchise. He has been involved in the videogame industry for decades, working in such roles as as VP of Technology with Activision, and CTO at Infinity Ward, who are the team behind the Call of Duty franchise.

Within CTO Aaron Koblin had this to say on Cowling joining the team: “Dave brings the quintessential combination of creative and technological expertise that drives Within — creative ideas pushing technical innovations. It’s that diverse array of experience that will no doubt keep pushing us further. We’re thrilled to bring his talent and leadership to our team.”

Within was founded by filmmaker Chris Milk along with Aaron Koblin and it’s aim is to explore the potential of immersive storytelling, using VR and 360-degree movies. The team at Within hope that Cowling’s background in engineering, software and rendering along with his experience at leadership and his creativity will allow Within to develop new innovative immersive experiences in VR and 360-degree film.

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Update: This story initially said that Within were the creators of the experiences listed in the first paragraph, they are in fact the distributors. This fact has now been updated. VRFocus apologises for this error.