VR City Hypatia to Open this Month, TimefireVR Giving Away 500 Free Keys

Virtual reality (VR) content developer TimefireVR has announced that its immersive city Hypatia is set to release for HTC Vive on 15th June. Additionally, the studio will be giving the first 500 users who sign up for a sneak peak a free key to the VR city.

Jeffrey Rassás, Co-Founder and CEO of TimefireVR, said in a statement: “We will be offering the first 500 citizens of Hypatia a free key and complete access to the city starting June 9th, a week before we open the gates to the general public. Our hope is that these 500 pioneers will become early ambassadors to future visitors. Starting on June 5th people from the United States and Canada will be able to sign up at the TimefireVR.com website to qualify for a free pioneer key of Hypatia that will be offered at $29.99.”

Hypatia screenshot

Taking three years to build, Hypatia is a mixture of creativity. Combining fantasy and realistic elements the platform allows users to chat with friends, paint the city, share VR photographs, solve puzzles, join a stage play, create their own fireworks and much more.

“In appreciation of our earliest citizens not only will they be receiving a free key of our new city of Hypatia, we will be enshrining their names on a future memorial created to acknowledge and preserve their pioneering efforts,” said Founder and President John Wise. On June 9th the entire TimefireVR staff will be on hand to welcome our first citizens. It will be a momentous day for all of us who have worked so hard over the previous three years to make Hypatia a reality in Virtual Reality.”

“Hypatia will initially be available for the HTC Vive platform, with other major VR manufactures to follow. On June 15th our early adopters will be able to download Hypatia on Steam as well as TimefireVR.com directly via a Humble Store purchase,” continued Rassás. “Our world of Hypatia is offering a small glimpse into our greater plans for a large scale environment that will challenge people everywhere to reconsider what we call reality.”

VRFocus will continue its coverage of TimefireVR and Hypatia, reporting back with further announcements.