Venture Further into the World of Drunk or Dead with New Update

Zombie-filled wave shooter Drunk or Dead is getting a major update that introduces some gameplay changes, developer 4 I Lab has announced. For the first time, players will be able to venture out of the bar to see how the rest of the world has been affected by the zombie outbreak.

The premise of Drunk of Dead is that a zombie virus has got loose – but it only affects those who are sober. As a result, the player character needs to straddle a line between being drunk enough not to succumb to the virus, but sober enough to be able to shoot straight and take down the zombie horde.

The new update allows players to leave the bar where they have previously been tethered due to the abundant alcohol supply. Players can now take their alcohol with them with the introduction of a stylish Beer Hat. Dangers lurk out in the outside world, though. Since animals can’t drink alcohol, deer and birds have become infected and will be out for the player’s blood. Deer charge at you to impale you on their antlers, while birds become a Hitchcock-eqsue menace from the skies.

There are new weapons being made available to help combat the zombie hordes, though. The the beer hat to keep the player’s hands free, they can freely wield the newly introduced SMGs to cut down zombies with ease.

The update will be introduced on Friday 2nd June, 2017. To celebrate the update, the developers are planning to drop the price of the title on Steam. It has not yet been confirmed if this is a permanent price drop or a sale. Drunk or Dead is available for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

A video trailer for the new update is available to view below.

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