University of Nebraska Invests Heavily In VR and AR for Medical Training

The potential for augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) outside of gaming is near limitless, and now the University of Nebraska are investing in the future of medical training in VR and AR. The University is using $119 million USD in funds to build a brand new centre focusing on the potential for these technologies in the medical field.

The planned 192,000 square foot facility will have nurses and physicians train using the latest VR and AR technology. The site will include a 130 seat holographic theatre, quarantine simulation centre and an impressive 280 degree curved screen room for viewing VR without a head-mounted display – impressive!

HTC Vive hardware render

The future generation of medical professionals will find the complete array of state of the art technology here – holographic simulations, surgical simulators, “learning walls” and much more is planned for the facility.

The University of Nebraska is not the first educational institution to introduce VR and AR facilities to enhance the learning experience – recently both Kingston University and Beuth University have invested in the technologies, hoping to create an advanced learning experience for students.

The potential applications for both AR and VR is limitless, and with so many Universities and schools investing in the technology, the future is very bright.

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