UK Retailer GAME Gets VR Karts Exclusive

The studios behind kart racing title VR Karts have announced a deal where the physical boxed copies of VR Karts for PlayStation VR will be available in the UK exclusively at UK tech and videogame retailer GAME.

Featuring gameplay strongly inspired by Mario Kart and other fast-paces kart racing titles, VR Karts is a racing game deigned to be played exclusively in virtual reality (VR). Having previously seen a less ambitious version for Samsung Gear VR, then a larger-scale version on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, VR Karts is launching on to PlayStation VR with digital and physical versions available to buy.

The PlayStation VR version has some additional improved features, such as improved weapon handling, better scaling of the world to reduce VR sickness problems and a tweaked collision system for when vehicles spin-off track, to make it easier for players to re-join the action. The PlayStation VR release has also included a control mode to allow the Dual Shock controller to act as a steering wheel, and there are customisation packs available via DLC.

VR Karts HTC Vive screenshot

“We are very excited to be putting our trust into GAME. As the leading specialist in the industry, we believe they have a unique position to be able reach and talk to our PSVR audience.” said Rob Edwards, MD and Founder of Perp, one of the developers behind the title.

You can find out what the VRFocus team thought of the Oculus Rift version of VR Karts here.

VR Karts for the PlayStation VR is available as a physical copy through the GAME website, or as a digital download via the PlayStation Store. The digital edition costs £29.99 (GBP) while the price of the physical version has not been confirmed. Boxed copies of VR Karts will be available from the 30th June, 2017.

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