Thrustmaster Unveil New T-GT Competition Racing Wheel to Launch Alongside GT Sport

E3 2017 is in full swing on day three, and the replies don’t stop coming. And now, ahead of Sony’s presentation, Thrustmaster have announced a new racing wheel for GT Sport, which we reported earlier.

Thrustmaster are offering a brand new racing wheel for fans of the genre, the Thrustmaster T-GT Competition Wheel – a high end piece of kit for you to use with Gran Turismo Sport, and presumably other racing games.

Those attending E3 this year interested in getting their hands on the wheel can head over to Sony’s booth, where Thrustmaster promise the wheel, paired with GT Sport, offers an incredible experience.

The wheel features force-feedback, as you’d expect from a high end racing peripheral, and a power setpoint which is “100% accurate,” which Thrustmaster says will offer the best experience and gives “exceptionally precise indications to the driver.”

Pair that technology with the new T-40VE Motor, and the T-GT Competition Wheel just might offer the very best racing experience on PlayStation 4 – pair that with the PlayStation VR, and this is looking like the best console racing simulation on the market.

But all of that kit comes at a price – and that price is £699.99. Yikes. Not cheap at all, but for a true racing enthusiast, price isn’t really an obstacle.

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