The BBC’s The Turning Forest Arrives on Samsung Gear VR

Towards the end of last year the BBC released virtual reality (VR) fairy tale, The Turning Forest for Google Daydream. This week the experience has now arrived for Samsung Gear VR.

Produced by BBC Research & Development (R&D) in collaboration with VR production studio, VRTOV, The Turning Forest is a surreal immersive story, set in a magical forest with a fantastical creature. The Gear VR version will allow viewers to trigger interactions by gaze, such as making music with the monster’s teeth, as well as the birds, fish, and more in the fantasy world.

The Turning Forest 1

Zillah Watson, BBC R&D, said in a statement: “The Turning Forest is a wonderful interactive VR experience, and we relish the opportunity to bring it to an even wider audience by launching it for the Samsung Gear VR. It was designed from the sound up, using state-of-the-art spatial audio to transport people into this entrancing realm.”

In the next few weeks the BBC will also release historical VR film Easter Rising: Voice of a Rebel, for the Oculus Rift and Gear VR. It’ll take viewers back to the streets of 1916 Dublin, depicting the memories of 19 year-old Willie McNieve, a rebel who took part in the Easter Rising against the British.

“Easter Rising: Voice of a Rebel is a fascinating account of a critical moment in Ireland’s history, told from a unique perspective,” added Watson. “It shows that virtual reality can be used to give audiences a greater sense of presence, enabling them to better understand a range of issues like important current affairs, news, science and history.”

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