Starbreeze Studios Invests in VR, Acquires VR Company Enterspace

Swedish developer Starbreeze Studios, well known for hit games such as Payday 2 and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, have acquired virtual reality (VR) company Enterspace for 20MSEK – about 2 million euro. The acquisition just might hint at Starbreeze’s future plans.

The Stockholm-based Enterspace is only a small company with 14 employees, but their promise can’t be understated. Founded in early 2016 they have since released Ringwalker, their debut experience, a “multi-user space adventure with a story that mixes a thoughtful narrative and unexpected twists with inspiring science.”


Enterspace are planning a VR Experience Centre, set to open in Stockholm in Autumn 2017. The centre will include a huge “virtual experience space” and a café.

Starbreeze’s CEO Bo Andersson Klint shares his enthusiasm for Enterspace and their new partnership; “The Enterspace team brings technology and content that is very well suited for entertainment and that also have an educational touch. They have established experience from location based entertainment and provide a concept ready for launch.”

Starbreeze have of course already shown an interest in VR, with the announcement of Payday 2 VR for HTC Vive.


Klint continues; “We see that Enterspace fits our VR ecosystem perfectly and are looking forward to seeing the StarVR Virtual Reality HMD being utilized in their business. We look forward to kick-starting with a centre in Stockholm this fall with more locations to come.”

Enterspace’s founder, Staffan Klashed, want to bring more unique experiences to people through VR; “We’re creating virtual experiences that anyone with a curious mind can enjoy. The technology itself is amazing and takes over your physical world. We’re adding stories and themes that inspire, amaze, and at times even educate. Stories that will have an impact on the visitor – whether it’s a thought, a discovery, or a feeling.”

Starbreeze Studios are an experienced developer, and we’re interested to see what king of built-for-VR experience they could bring to our head-mounted displays (HMDs).

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