Sport-Shooter Hybrid Title Gunball Coming To HTC Vive

Developer REDspace Games have announced that upcoming virtual reality (VR) sport-meets-shooter hybrid title Gunball will be coming to HTC Vive from the 28th June.

Inspired by fast-paced sport-action multiplayer titles such as Rocket League, Gunball is a fictional arena sport where players try out for the Gunball League by getting balls into hoops, only instead of striking the balls with a bat or a racquet, players shoot the balls with guns to sent them high into the air.

Players are placed in the centre of an arena with the aim of shooting balls into goal rings to score points, with the aim of getting the highest score possible before time runs out.

Seemingly trying to catch the attention of the Esports community, Gunball has been designed with a simple control scheme that people new to VR can pick up quickly, but the developers have sought to add depth for experiences players by incorporating things like trick shots that can rack up large point scores. The title has two environments themes, a sports stadium packed with Gunball fans cheering the players on, and a colourful ‘rainbow volcano’ that adds a touch of explosive danger.

“With Gunball we wanted to provide players with a fun, engrossing experience that anyone could instantly understand and be drawn to,” says Jeremy McCurdy, Gunball Game Designer and Games Technical Lead at REDspace. “Built around a comfortable experience but with a deep level of skill underneath it, we feel this game is perfect for whether you want a quick diversion for a few games or if you want to play for hours solo or with friends.”

Gunball will launch on Steam on 28th June 2017 with a launch price of $9.75, a 35% discount on the regular price of $14.99. A trailer for the title is available to view below.

VRFocus will bring you further information on Gunball and other upcoming VR titles as it becomes available.