See Moss, One of The Cutest VR Games Ever, In This Official Trailer

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) has shown us plenty of trailers for new virtual reality (VR) games, but none are quite as adorable and charming as Moss, the bite-sized adventure platformer. Developer Polyarc have gone above and beyond in ensuring Moss would tug at our heartstrings.

Moss is led by mini-hero Quill. Quill’s adventure sees her solving puzzles and exploring a larger-than-life world where certain creatures could very well swallow her in one.

Polyarc have built Moss with VR in mind from the start; “We are designing Moss with the fundamentals that we know make a great action-adventure game while at the same time considering every decision with the unique strengths and opportunities VR offers fully in mind. As a studio dedicated to the new medium of VR, our goal is still the dream we’ve always had as game developers—to create engaging worlds and share them with everyone.”

Moss has been confirmed for PlayStation VR and will release later this year.

Get a good look at Moss and its adorable hero in the official trailer below.

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