See Anvio VR’s Immersive New Experience In This New Gameplay Trailer

Total immersion is difficult in virtual reality (VR), and one of many reasons is that you can rarely see your own body. Your hands, perhaps, with modern motion controllers, but without full motion capture technology, the rest of your body is very difficult. But Anvio VR wants to bring the most immersive VR experience possible to the masses, and will hopefully be able to move to a location near you soon.

Based in Moscow, Anvio VR have already seen early success in their headquarters, with over 2000 people coming to experience what they believe is the most immersive VR experience on the market.

Anvio VR provide a fully wireless VR experience, allowing you to walk around a large room with your friends, with full limb movements visible to your fellow players. The game sees you walking across perilous planks, navigating dank sewers and moving up crumbling buildings while shooting down zombie hoards – all with your friends.

The game is City Z, and while fighting off monstrous foes and shooting down the undead, players will be able to enjoy some downtime – like kicking around a virtual ball in real-time, with their feet, with other players. It’s an experience you’re not likely to find in many other places.

In the gameplay footage below you’ll be able to see players suit up for the game, and explore some dim tunnels in hopes of finding a way forward. The game simulates awkward walkways – none of the drops are real, of course, but the immersion will have your stomach believing they are.

You can try Anvio VR for yourself in Moscow, and they have plans to expand worldwide soon. For more on what they have to offer, just watch our gameplay trailer below.

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