Scope AR Updates Remote AR app with Markerless Tracking

The company also revealed support for Google Tango.

Scope AR, the augmented reality (AR) specialist behind smart instructions and live support video calling solutions, has announced a major update to its application Remote AR at Augmented World Expo (AWE) 2017, bringing markerless tracking to the software.

Utilising Wikitude’s latest AR image recognition and tracking technology, Remote AR will now allow users to receive expert support and instructional information by pointing their device’s camera at a piece of equipment. This will then bring up annotations without requiring the use of a 2D marker on supported devices.

Scope AR - Remote AR image

“Markerless tracking is one of the major hurdles AR has been facing before becoming more accessible for enterprise and industrial use. We’re excited to collaborate with the leading innovator for markerless tracking, Wikitude, to bring this to life for our users,” said Scott Montgomerie, CEO and co-founder of Scope AR in a statement. “With Remote AR’s latest updates, users can have the benefits of markerless tracking on standard devices, making it even easier to implement AR for their specific uses.”

“When using AR tools, markerless tracking is a critical part of ensuring that users can be fully integrated with the workspace around them without having to break the workflow process,” added Martin Herdina, Wikitude CEO. “We’re excited to integrate with an industry leader like Scope AR to help them deliver markerless tracking to their users from the software side so customers can use their device of choice.”

Remote AR aims to save businesses time and money, whilst improving knowledge transfer and retention by combining AR with live video streaming, voice, 3D animation, screen sharing, whiteboarding and world-locked annotations.

In addition to the Remote AR announcement, Scope AR has revealed it’ll be supporting Google Tango, taking advantage of the platform’s real-world mapping and other features.

Last month Scope AR announced that its WorkLink platform would now support Microsoft HoloLens, enabling companies to build interactive, holographic training content for staff.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Scope AR, reporting back with the latest announcements.

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