The Week In VR Sport: San Francisco 49ers Use Immersive Media Engine

Another Saturday means another visit to This Week In VR Sport and as you can imagine, what with all the news from E3 over the course of the last week there’s been far more in the way of videogame related news than there has in the entertainment, industrty or services sectors. That said there is one story we have yet to cover and it inolves a familiar company to VRFocus coverage and a sport we’ve also mentioned on more than a few occasions.

VR & American Football – Partners Once again

Zeality have announced a new partnership with professional American football team the San Francisco 49ers. Zeality will be helping the team reach new fans with modern 360 video.

This isn’t the first time Zeality have used their Immersive Media Engine to help a sports team – only a few months ago, Zeality partnered with the San Jose Sharks, the ice hockey team, to bring 360 degree video to their fans.

The demand for 360 degree video has only increased with the launch of platforms such as YouTube VR and Facebook 360 Video. Couple that with the increasing install base of devices like Google Daydream, Google Cardboard and Gear VR and it’s inevitable that more and more companies will be investing in content people can watch on their head-mounted displays (HMDs).

The future for Zeality and VR content looks promising. Their platform allows hosting, streaming and uploading from with a single app with little compression. DataRPM’s CEO Sundeep Sanghavi was so impressed he recently invested in Zeality.

Sundeep said of Zeality; “The strength of the Zeality platform and customer base provides the ideal environment for their next phase of growth. We share a common view that there will continue to be broad technology convergence and use of cognitive computing and artificial intelligence, which will be critical in the VR market.”

Those interested in experiencing what the Immersive Media Engine has in store for the 49ers need only download or update to the latest version of the 49ers app, on both Google Play and the App Store.